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Hugo has graduated from Macquarie University with a Masters of Chiropractic Science which focused on management and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, as well as total patient health.

Hugo strives to achieve the best possible outcome for all his patients, through thorough examination and having a holistic focus on health. He was drawn into chiropractic after battling with low back and neck pain as a teen, and was always fascinated about the human body and the results that could achieved with treatment.

With his experience in elite AFL as a teenager, Hugo understands the stresses placed on the body during intense activity and injuries which can occur from this. He has a firm belief in evidence based medicine and uses techniques which include chiropractic adjustments, mobilisations, soft tissue massage, post-isometric relaxation, specific individual rehabilitation programs and many more.

In his spare time, Hugo enjoys exploring new restaurants, playing golf and exercising. It is with this knowledge, Hugo is able to breakdown biomechanics during exercise and identify key areas which could be causing injury. It is with his knowledge and expertise in which Hugo endeavors to achieve improvement in all his patients health and ultimately quality of life.

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